Beaker Water Pipe – 8″

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1 x GRAV Beaker – 8″ (Clear)
1 x 14mm Cup Bowl
1 x Downstem

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Your pipe will come with one of the following label colors: Blue, Black, Red, Etch, White, Green or Purple

The GRAV Beaker is a small but mighty 8″ glass water pipe that takes dry herb smoking back to the lab with a whole new take on a familiar design. This modern revision of the classic beaker bong boasts a fixed fission downstem that diffuses smoke into water for smooth, dense hits. A geometric ice pinch cools hits as they pass through the mouthpiece. And a solid and long-lasting borosilicate body delivers the best flavor from dry herb on-the-go.

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Weight 1.05 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 6 cm