Atomic Bianca Dab Rig

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1 x Atomic Bianca Pipe
1 x Glass Nail Cover
1 x Glass Nail

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The Atomic Bianca Dab Rig – 5″ is an elegant glass water pipe with a compact size for dabbing on-the-go. Equipped with a high grade glass nail, the Atomic Bianca pipe delivers huge, highly concentrated dabs from your favorite wax concentrates. A beaker-style design ensures a wider water chamber for better moisture-conditioning. Each rip is diffused into water, attaching to moisture for smoother inhalation. A straight tube mouthpiece delivers atomic rips with measured draw resistance. This small but mighty dab rig features a clean and clear high grade glass design with a sleek Atomic decal embellished on its exterior.

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Weight 0.39 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 7 × 3.5 cm